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Thread: I May Be Bad But I'm Perfectly Good At It || Semi-Literate || Open

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    I May Be Bad But I'm Perfectly Good At It || Semi-Literate || Open


    "Are you sure about this?" Her voice was a bit wary, and uncertain about what was going on. Her best friend, Victoria nodded her head, brushing off the worry. "Of course. When we find it, we'll be famous!" Her friend gave her a look of dissapointment, and she was very unsure. However, she went along with it, following her into the woods. After about an hour of waiting around, before they heard the worst of snarls, and jolted awake. A huge, crazed eyed black wolf was the owner of this disgusting noise. Victoria grinned, while her friend stayed a bit behind, a dagger clutched in her hand. The wolf saw Victoria come forward, and it tensted, his snarl becoming sadistic. It would do anything now. Then, the wolf noticed that she had a gun in her pocket, and lunged forward. Before her friend could do anything, the wolf had already killed her friend, snapping her neck. It looked back at the friend, his eyes changing a bit, before it raced away, his muzzel covered in her best friends blood. Now, the wolf had killed someone in the town - again -, and it had marked Ronnie. This wolf wouldn't forget her face, untill his plan for her became active.


    In the year of 2015, a small town in North Dakota has been haunted by a werewolf for hundreds of years. Then, things began to quiet down. No one had died in over twenty years, untill Victoria, and Veronica decided to mess around, and go find the wolf, on the full moon. Victoria was not lucky, and died that night. Veronica had seen the wolf, unlike the rest of the town. Whoever has seen the wolf, normally died before they could tell a soul. It's been two months since Victorias death, and the wolf hasn't been sited since. However, the town doesn't want any more danger, and they feel that by the third moon, Veronica will be dead. Wether the wolf kills her himself, or they give her to them. They cannot afford danger on the whole town, so they are willing to give her away. But what happens when she is inlove with her best friend, but she was born to marry someone else, and the wolf is willing to change her into one of his own kind? Lines will be crossed, betrayle will occur, and the most shocking of secerts will be discovered.


    1. This is semi-literate. Meaning at LEAST 4 sentinces per post.
    2. Keep in mind, that I will allow writers block occasonally, but I do not want it as an excuse all the time
    3. The werewolf is only played by one person, and it must be male.
    4. I want an equal ammount of characters, so please follow by the slots filled below.
    5. Cussing to a minimum. Kissing is allowed, but if it goes any further, 'fades to black' is the only option
    6. Absolutly NO godmoddling. Also, no killing someone without someones permission. You also have to clear it with me first.
    7. If you play more than one person, you must have an equal ammount of male and female characters
    8. Do not randomly say that you know the wolf. Just because they have there form up here, doesn't mean that you can be the hero. So please, do not do anything rash like that without asking me first. Thank you.
    9. Have fun! (=

    List Of Character Slots

    Red Riding Hood: Ronnie
    Best Guy Friend: Open
    Werewolf: Open (Can be the best guy friend.)
    Friend of Ronnie: Open
    Man Needed To Marry Ronnie: Open
    Towns Girls (2): Open, Open
    Towns Boys (2): Open, Open
    Mayor: Open


    Role The Character Plays: (Wolf/best friend/ect.)
    Full Name: (First Middle and Last)
    Interested In: (Crush)
    Relationship Statues: (Single, in a relationship, ect)
    Personality: (Three sentinces minimum)
    Pets: (Keep it simple)
    Apperance: (Can be discription or picture. If wolf, add picture/discription of that too.)

    My Character

    Role The Character Plays: Red Riding Hood
    Full Name: Veronica Lace Vanderbolt
    Nick-Name: Ronnie
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female. Duh.
    Interested In: Uhmm. What makes you think I'll tell you?
    Relationship Statues: Single.
    Personality: Spunky, sarastic, and a bit of a mystery. She is outgoing, funny, and clever, but she keeps to herself. She doesn't open up too well, and likes to keep it that way. She uses sarasm as a second langauge, even though her parents chide her for doing such rude things. She acts as if she is fearless, but she surely does have some scared left in her. She is very fiesty, and acts hard-to-get, just because it's simply fun to do. It'll take a long while to actually get the know the real her.
    Pets: A german shepered mix named Dexter


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