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Thread: A shrine long forgotten

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    A shrine long forgotten

    I began a shrine here a long (loooong) time ago for Suikoden IV. I ignored it for a while and eventually forgot about it completely. One day I remembered and looked, but it didnt show as 'in progress.' I assumed my work had been removed and didnt think about it again.

    Today I happened across my 'Phaemon' signature art in a random google search and followed it to the tartarus shrine. I'm happy to see my work still survives (even tho I've moved past pro'ly 3 computers since then).

    I would like to finish my shrine (as it is almost finished to begin with. I realize my claim to Suikoden IV is forfeit at this time, but if there are no other claimers....

    Feel free to look at what I had done before I stopped:

    One note... I dont remember how I was doing that, so it may take me some time to figure out the processes again. But if there are no objections, I'll be back on the case.

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    You should mostly ignore what the games database tells you. We haven't touched that thing in years.

    I'll go ahead and give you access.

    It would be nice if you could download and use the new template.

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    Talking about forgotten shrines:

    Elnard (7th Saga) shrine is listed as complete but it's not, and it's also full of errors.

    Its mantainter Jasox is listed nowhere in the website, probably he left.

    Ok, it's a 18-years-old game, and the shrine is dated May 2000, but still the shrine is bad.

    So, how about Elnard shrine? It's a hard game, with very steep learning curve, and a good shrine would be very useful for players.



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