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Thread: Item Data

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    will do. i wasn't sure what the mulitplier was when i was cleaning it up, so i guessed.
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    No worries!

    One more little thing from the item_dump:

    08 Accuracy modifier. If bit 7 (80) is set, then the value is subtracted from 256.
    00-7F = positive values, where $00 equals 0 and $7F equals 127.
    80-FF = negative values, where $80 equals -127 and $FF equals 0. [am i getting this right?]

    Almost. First, I would recommend describing the process as "256 is subtracted from the value", aka "value -256" rather than "the value is subtracted from 256", aka "256 - value." The latter would require the additional step of changing the result to a negative in order to give the proper result, while the former gives the correct result immediately. This goes for the defense bytes, too.

    Second, 80h(128d) -256d = -128, not -127, and FFh(255d) -256d = -1, not 0.

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    i'll fix that next.
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