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Thread: Dragon Quest VIII shrine

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    Dragon Quest VIII shrine

    Hi there,
    The DQVIII shrine has been "in progress" for quite some time now, with no updates. I'm just curious what the status is of the shrine. I would like to work on it myself, and have even started putting together some various HTML to do it elsewhere if I can't do it with RPGClassics, but I would love to help out RPGC if possible, because it has helped me complete so many games that I love. I have tried emailing, but the message always comes back unread.

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    There is a certain time after which if a person doesn't work on their shrine, their shrine is forfeit. Hopefully someone in charge of the new shrines will address this thread shortly, which they should.

    Edit: I copied the thread over since I wasn't sure where it was supposed to go.
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