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Thread: Hiryuu....where are thou????

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    Hiryuu....where are thou????

    Anyone who has seen / sees hyriuu, please let him know we need to talk to him!


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    Do you mean the one of HTI fame or the other one from some earlier point in the "scene"?

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    Haha, the Hiryuu of HTI "fame". That's a good one. I don't think anybody outside of the extended RPGC family even knows what HTI is. =P I mean, when <a href="">Lost Levels</a> did a story about Squashed when they found the English prototype, and not even a single mention was given to me, even though I had translated the Japanese version previously, that's when I knew that I had never even made a ripple. =P Although, in my own defense, they DID use the same translation of the title for the Japanese version that I did, so they must have at least be somewhat cognitive of my efforts.

    Anyway, I never went anywhere, Kammedo. Go ahead and email me at if you need to talk.

    I'm back, baby

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