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    I'm a soldier who lost a leg in Iraq.

    I came back home in darkness with so many bandages without anybody noticing us.

    I have made a vow to myself to reveal the lies of those who stole my life.

    Here is the truth they are trying to conceal from you

    As casualties mount in Iraq, so has the monetary cost of the war. The military is now spending more than $5.8 billion each month, top officials told Congress this week.


    The Army, with about 110,000 soldiers on the ground in Iraq, has a monthly "burn rate" of $4.7 billion.

    The Air Force is spending about $800 million monthly.

    The Marines, which are spearheading the fighting in Fallujah, had an average monthly war cost of $300 million

    The US government uses lots of methods to reduce the number of victims:

    Only American soldiers are counted into the statistics, and even in this category they don't give the exact numbers

    And what if we knew that the US government gave thousands of non-Americans promises of a citizenship if they fight in Iraq

    and what if we knew that The US government uses thousands of American, British, and other bounty killers who work for the "special security companies" for high salaries and the US government isn't responsible for their safety

    Number of killed soldiers till now: 9,500

    Number of wounded soldiers till now: 24,000

    Number of deserters: 8,000

    War cost till now:

    Number of bounty killers in Iraq: 27,000

    Number of bounty killers killed till now: 16,300

    Iraqi daily average attacks: 80-90

    And u can get a look on this information yourself using this link:

    And here

    The Ultimate Deception?
    By Jim Lampley
    June 18, 2005

    Press Reports on U.S. Casualties: About 17,000 Short, UPI Says
    By Mark Benjamin, UPI
    September 15, 2004

    20,802 US Soldiers Heavily Wounded By Raed
    November 24, 2004

    Their Blood Is In Bush's Hand
    (Flash Presentation)

    Murder by Numbers
    (Flash Presentation)

    Mapping Death: Iraq War Fatalities: By day: By Country
    March 20, 2003 - June 20, 2005
    (Flash Presentation)

    The Soldier's Heart
    PBS Frontline

    Iraq: The Uncounted
    November 21, 2004

    Stockpiling the Wounded from Iraq
    Inside Walter Reed Hospital
    By Nicole Colson
    June 06, 2005

    This was a very good read from a year ago.
    The warmongers 'love' the troops, until they come home . . . damaged
    By Doris H. Colmes
    June 29, 2004
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