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Thread: TD is abusing his op powers

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    TD is abusing his op powers

    For a long time Tenchimaru Draconis has been a operator in #rpgclassics, but it come to my attention lately that he pretty much become a dicator in the channel, as he will ban you for the stupidest reasons and will not do anything if a real channel rule is broken. He put KaiserBrasade, a rather annoying site member on a 24 hour ban for a porn link he didn't even link to (he got tricked). While I don't care for that guy, it was still dumb of TD not banning the other party in the mess. Just now I got banned for one day for...posting a link to, a website thats a lot of pages for random humor.

    But TD doesn't like this website, and bans anyone who posts a link to any of their pages, even if the page is about Ackbar yelling "It's a trap" over and over. This could be consider kick material is used often, which I do admit to posting this site a lot. But I haven't done so lately (maybe one page every once in a while), but if TD is active when you post get banned for a day. And this isn't the only thing he has done wrong in the chat as of late. Is it really a good idea for our staff to keep a massive collection of roms on his server, which if our host finds out he has, will get us shut down.

    And this is a staff matter, unlike that rather lame thread I made a few months back that got send to the regular chat board.

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    This is a chat issue, not a staff issue. Moving thread.

    Please get your facts right. I was sleeping during the KB issue, so I didn't apply the ban. Regardless, he broke a rule and was punished for it. I don't know what happened to Steve, as I said, I was sleeping.

    I have nothing against the website, I have something against you spamming it all the fucking time, as do the other ops that have told you to stop it. 3 days ago I told you the next time would be a 24 hour ban. You didn't listen, and you got banned. I have also never banned anyone else for linking there. This time and you were the only instances of being banned for a link to that website.

    My roms are hosted on my own PC, in a chatroom that is affiliated with RPGClassics in nothing but name, hosted on a network that is not under our host's jurisdiction, and not at all central to the issue.

    In short, you're banned, and get your facts straight the next time you don't like that.

    Also, I would in fact not have sex with my sister if she wasn't so ugly, since that just lowers her resale value.
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    Just to let you know, I banned Basara, and I was there in real time. I honestly believe Steve did not trick him into posting the porn link. There was a pause in the conversation for like a minute and such.
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