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Thread: FAQ you (read me before putting your greasy hands on the new post button)

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    FAQ you (read me before putting your greasy hands on the new post button)

    Welcome to the tech support forum! If you're reading this it probably means that you've got some computer-related problem, or your penis feels like you're pissing razorblades. I suggest seeing an urologist for the second bit, but for the first bit you've come to the right place. Hopefully. Just adhere to the following guidelines in order to keep this place clean, helpful and legal.

    If you don't know what you're talking about, don't try and help people.

    Yes, we all got a good laugh out of the first 50 deltree posts. Or at least Rirse did. Regardless, you're not helping resolve the issue, and might cause the person who asked the question to do shit he didn't want to do. Like delete all his files, watch horse porn or zerg rush.<!--Yes, I'm looking at you, BHX.-->

    If you're looking for a program, hold up on posting for a minute.

    First, check <a href="">THE LIST</a>, which should hopefully become a half-decent archive with links to useful programs. If you still can't find what you're looking for, feel free to make a post as you normally would.

    Don't ask for Warez

    Seriously, it's annoying. If you really can't find your own copy of "H-Game Slide 256 Colours.smc" do us all a favour and don't bring it here to the boards. There's plenty of people around that know where to look for stuff, so come bug people in the chat. Don't make a terrible habit of it, though.

    Keep your "My OS is better than your OS!" shit elsewhere

    Unless it's actually helpful to the issue at hand, like a Win98 user wanting an NTFS partition, just don't. We all know WinME sucks, we all know that Bill Gates is an evil fascist bastard and we all know that Linux users don't get laid. Nobody wants to hear it.

    The rumours are true

    Epic dated Cala, and TD has a huge schlong.
    (These rumors are baseless and highly incorrect ~Epic)
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