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Thread: FFXI Screen Shot Thread

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    Found it! Harpe - best THF Dagger in game!

    Necro! This is the 20th or so image match when you GIS FFXI Screen shots, pretty surprising. I did start playing FFXI again a couple months ago. Had no problem restoring my character or with the move to the new server (Titan was merged with Phoenix). It's a totally different game now. Lots of new jobs and new areas to explore. Level cap is 99. The XP grind is gone and you generally level in an alliance and gain levels in under an hour.

    Reacquainting with some old NM's while leveling the Dancer job:

    Level synch allows higher level players to reduce their level to yours so you can party up without experience penalty. This is a friend I met right after FFXI release in 2003 who is still playing.

    I haven't taken too many screen shots, but here's one of the new Gustaberg area that came out with the Wings of Goddess xpac:

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    Stop making me nostalgic.

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