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Thread: FF character similarities (!!MAJOR spoilers for all FFs!!)

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    FF character similarities (!!MAJOR spoilers for all FFs!!)

    One day, I was playing through FF2 and noticed that Frionel looked exactly like the fighter from FF1. I began to wonder if there were more of these similarities between FF characters. Come to find out, there are many more...

    *the numbers in parentheses are the games the characters are from*


    Frionel = Fighter/Knight (1 3 5) + Layla (2) + Richard (2) + Lionheart (2) + Onion Kid (3) + Ninja (3) + Cecil (4; Paladin) + Edgar (6) + Leo (6) + Kutan (6; Moogle in the "rescue terra" part) + Kuru (6; another moogle) + Wedge (6) + Vicks (6) + Cloud (7) + Tidus (10) [they ALL start with a sword equipped ]

    Layla = Archer (3 5) [That's all I found, probably missing something somewhere]

    Guy = Viking (3) + Cid (4)

    Minh = White Mage/White Wizard/Shaman (1 3 5) + Rosa (4) + Palom (4) + Dagger (9)

    Josef = Monk/Master/Super Monk/Karateka (1 3 5) + Yang (4) +
    Sabin (6) + Amarant (9) [Thanks to GGCrono4 for informing me that Amarant is a monk]

    Gordon = Dragoon (3) + Kain (4) + Freja (9) [Spears] ~ Edward [Coward]

    Layla = See Frionel [she has a sword ;)] ~ Thief (1 3 5) + Zidane (9) [daggers/knives] ~ Faris/Sarisa (5) [Pirate]

    Richard = See Frionel ~ Dragoon (3) + Kain (4) + Freja (9) [dragoon] ~ Lenna/Reina (5) [Communicate with Hiryuus] ~ Rydia (4) [They both got swallowed by Leviathan]

    Lionheart = See Frionel ~ Viking (3) + Cid (4) [Axe] ~ Cecil (4; Dark Knight) [Lionheart becomes a dark knight]

    ---More to come soon... Feel free to post comments and tell me what you think. (I won't mind if you say that you don't like me; say whatever you want)---

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    OMG! HOLY POO! DAS FUGGING AMAZING!!!!! Are you brain dead? Of course there are similarities! THE GAMES ARE ALL FROM THE SAME FUCKING SERIES! If the designers didn't put in little things here and there then the only connection would be the name.

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    Um... just because they have the same job class doesn't mean they're similar in any way other than the way they fight. And you can't expect anyone to come up with 7 or more different ways of fighting for 13 games = 91 different ways of fighting. There just aren't more than ten or twenty and it'd be impossible (and ridiculous) to even try to do more than that.

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    Re: FF character similarities (!!MAJOR spoilers for all FFs!!)

    Well of COURSE they're all similar. Smimilarities aren't restricted to just the FF games either.

    I don't see how all those characters who start who a sword are being? LOTS of RPG characters start with swords. That doesn't mean they start with the exact same sword. A sword is the most common, default weapon. Edgar, Leo, some moogles and Cecil etc are not similar. Their weapons may be, just because they're swords but who would want to notice this?

    And duh, a lot of the girls from the earlier FF's and later FF's are white mages. Big shock. Actually, a lot of the girls from FF period, are white mages. Usually in games, there is some whiney, love sticken girl who whirls a cane around and is extremely feminine. No wait, there are a lot of girls from ANY RPG who are white mages. Not a total shock there either.

    And I fail to see how Sabin and Armarant are alike. Or similar. Was it even stated that Sabin was a monk? Even if he was, I don't think you can really compare Armarant to Sabin just because...well think of who both characters act in the games. Monk is just a fighting style in FF, it doesn't link every monk in the series together.

    Yes Freya, Kain and that other guy (name doesn't sound familiar) all have that dragoon connection, but the similarity stops there. last I checked Kain wasn't a rat. Nor was he female pining for his lost love. I think that one is a given.Just because they use spears doesn't mean they are dragoons..though I'm assuming you didn't mean to imply that :P Cid from FF7, anyone?

    Hmm, thief, pirate, I don't think the two should be compared. Though I never finished FF5..that's where Faris is from I believe. And Zidane used a dagger while the other two used swords. Where's the similarity in that?

    And the other two similarities I don't understand. I think all of these are fairly obvious, but if you really want to get nit picky, your real similarities should state givens like FFT versus FF5 with the job classes. Stuff like that.

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    Yeah, what Eva said!!

    Anyway, you only just made that connection. Exactly where have you been for the last 16+ years!!! Theses 'similarities' you speak of are incredibly old news, and like Eva said highly insane. Since just because people use the same fighting style/weapon, does not make them. 'Cause one of the main differences between characters, is not the weapons/fighting style, it is their personalities.

    I even dare you to find to different characters, who have the exact same personality!! I have about the next million years to wait for your answer!
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