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Thread: Suikoden 2 - army battles.

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    Suikoden 2 - army battles.

    Does the level of the characters (or their equiped armor, weapons, and runes) affect the power of that unit? I'm about to start the game over, and I thought it would be nice if I had half an idea of how to handle the army battles this time around.

    Also, any tips on assigning characters to units?
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    No, the levels and armor and things don't usually affect the units. I can't say for sure, but I think it's not true. Each person comes with a certain offence/defence and special attack/defence, and the number stays that way for the whole game.
    You have to rearrange a lot of people to get a good unit, in my opinion..the game's defaults kind of suck, and automatically move your characters around a few times in the game, so periodically check who's assigned with who. Don't let a unit's defence drop under 6, preferably 7, especially in the later part of the game when you have to face Yuber (ouch), Seed and that other general (can't remember his name) head on. There is a point in the game where you have to...

    Spoiler: defend that school city..Teresa's city..

    And that's a pretty hard battle. Your attack and defence have to be 7 at the very least, but with most battles from that point on, that's fairly obvious. Apple has an annoying habit of sticking useless characters into units, ones with 0 addition to the unit and only bring some skill such as Melee or Critical..well to have those skills been sucessful you need a decent force to exert and units with 6 and under cannot do that, which you probably already know. It's very easy to lose in the later part of the the last army battle, storming the base.

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    No, their stats don't effect major battle stats

    You'll want somebody fast and ranged. But don't sacrifice speed for power. I'd recommend making a magic user (Luc or Mazus) into your shock trooper. Give him a horse (Pesmerga preferably, but Miklatov is decent) and a set of wings (Chaco).

    Make sure you beef up your best characters. Stick Shu, with somebody strong, either your hero or somebody like Georg, Kiba, and Ridley.

    I think at the height of my army, I think I had
    - Hero (Tai Ho, Klaus) for a very nice 10/13 with Cavalry for fast healing and Evade. He's your hero, so you'll want him alive.
    - Georg (Humphrey, Apple) for a whopping 12/12 with Heavy armor (takes 3 swords of damage to be killed instead of 2) on top of that along wiht critical and evade. He makes a great meatshield and front line attacker.
    - Kiba (Shu, Lorelai/Lo Wen) 10/15 with heavy armor, cavalry, critical, evade, and melee. Impenetrable and has enough skills to destroy boss units.
    - Ridley (Gijimu, Jess) 14/7 with evade, critical and melee.

    It's always nice to have a ranged unit to provide extra fire. I tend to use Magus with Tsai and Hannah or Teresa with Hannah and Lo Wen

    The rest of your characters generally don't matter since you'll find that only your best will be fighting the battles later on.

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    I had to redo some of the battles, especially the one where you save Ridley but overall I kept the defaults and didn't have much of a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoguePaladinTrian View Post
    Does the level of the characters (or their equiped armor, weapons, and runes) affect the power of that unit? I'm about to start the game over, and I thought it would be nice if I had half an idea of how to handle the army battles this time around.

    Also, any tips on assigning characters to units?
    I can create codes for major battle like max ATK & DEF .

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    this thread is 7 years old.
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