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    Here some thing to be corrected in the same shrine, Elnard:
    1) In the Magic page, it could be nice to divide the list in three parts: Black spells (direct attacks), Tactical spells (in battle only), and White spells (in and outside battle); the game does not mention this distinction, but it's good for clarity.
    3) In the characters page, Esuna is listed as a male black mage. Esuna is a female elf, and a black&white mage. The black mage is Lejes.
    4) In the characters page, it would be nice to list them rationally, i.e. from the more "muscular" to the more "magic" and vice versa. The order could become as follows: Esuna, Valsu, Lejes, Kamil, Olvan, Lux, Wilme, or vice versa.
    5) In the items page, it would be useful to split the list in different parts: (1) Runes, (2) quest items, i.e. items that cannot be bought nor sold, (3) seeds, (4) common items.
    6) In the enemies page, enemies should be sorted by Experience gained; also, bosses should stay in a separate table.
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    I don't know if you're the right person to ask, but the maintainer (Jasox) in unavailable.

    Here some things to be completed in the Elnard / 7th saga shrine:
    1) The magic page has no menu on the left, and one spell is missing (Fireball).
    2) In the enemies page, Jasox himself admit that the images are missing; I'm playing and collecting them, I will email them when I'm done.
    3) In the armor page, the Brown Coat (Lux's only advanced armor), the Cloak of Fire and the Cloak of Ice are missing.
    4) In the shield page, the Ring and the Amulet are missing.
    5) In the weapons page, the "Sword sword" weapon (power 25) is missing; it's important because it's the only weapon Wilme can use besides his starting
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    The Elnard (7th Saga) shrine is listed as complete, but it is not. I noticed things to be fixed in that and other shrines, but...

    1) I can't contact any shrine maintainer, because no email address works.
    2) I cannot post anything in any forum, although I registered.

    Thanks for your help,

  4. What is this visitor message nonsense

    And no, not really; the Japanese that I understand beyond some basic self-taught grammar comes from Chinese; a third of the Japanese written language is directly taken from Chinese
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    So do you speak Japanese?
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