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    Jake waited for a second, beginning to follow not too far behind her. His steps weren't too quiet compared to hers, so he shifted into a silent and agile cheetah, his paws against the floor barely audible at all. As the first guard went down, he padded ahead of Anita slowly, his eyes adjusting easily to the growing darkness, listening closely as he heard two guards ahead.
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    Jake nodded slightly as Shadow moved away and he murmured a quiet, "you too" that he wasn't sure she heard. He turned to look at Anita then and rubbed his hands together for a second as he let out a calm breath. "Ready when you are." he said and smiled just a little.
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    Jake continued to walk in the direction Anita pointed, shrugging a shoulder when Shadow spoke. He acknowledged that there wasn't much of a chance to sneak around them with the tight space and all, and then replied, "Take them out. As quickly and quietly as we can, so we won't alert anyone else." He glanced at Shadow, then shifted his gaze to Anita to see if she had any other ideas.
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    Jake snickered quietly at Shadow, but then turned to look at Anita, and shrugged simply then nodded when Anita spoke. He took a step in the direction she pointed out and looked back at them for a moment.
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    Stefanie stood back when he stirred, and watched him move over to the window in disappointment. She didn't agree or disagree, didnt make a single sound. Now sure with what to say, she Played with her hands behind her back for a minute, awkwardly. She eventually let go of a breath shed been holding for a while, and looked away from him, turning around and making her way to the staircase, having no amides of what to say or how to respond, so she figured she'd just go up to her bed and try tiger some sleep, but it was obvious she soundly with all the worry on her face.

    Jake waited until Anita moved away, and he jumped off, slightly losing his balance because it did seen a lot farther down than it was. He saved himself when he started falling forward, putting his palms up in front of him. "Phew..." he murmured and stood afterwards.
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    Stefanie stood there quietly, letting out a small sigh when he leaned against her shoulder. As she blinked down at him, she hesitantly embraced him, placing a small hand on the back of his head gently. She waited a while, quickly getting tired of just standing there, "Dylan, baby..." she whispered, nudging him slightly, "C'mon, baby... Snap out of it.." she asked, frowning.

    Jake grinned at Shadow, "M'just being a gentlemen!" he joked and then looked up at Anita, still grinning.
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    Stefanie stayed there silently, for a moment, and she nodded once, murmuring an almost silent "k." After a long moment, she spoke again. "Dylan... They're all going to be fine.." she said softly, soothingly, not exactly sure what he was thinking about but she supposed it had something to do with Anita. She stretched her hand toward him and took one of his hands in hers gently.

    Jake didn't hesitate at all, crouching down and making a soft noise a complaint when he attempted to do it with one hand, underestimating the weight of the grate. He frowned slightly and then used both, successfully moving it after a little effort, he grinned up at Shadow. "Ladies first." he said and gestured toward down toward the ground.
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    Stefanie hesitated once she was in front of him. She blinked down at him. "You okay?" she asked him, fiddling with her hands somewhat nervously.

    Jake nodded at Anita once she pointed then, an he began to make his way over.
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    Jake looked thoughtful for a second. "I....I guess. Your right." he murmured.

    Stefanie looked down at Ari for a long moment, then proceeded to turn around and walk out the door, and turned off the lights in Jer room, but left the lights on in the hallway so it poured into her room. She waited a couple of seconds, before she decided to go on and check on him. "Dylan...?" she called quietly.
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    Stefanie looked a little startled for a moment when she heard Ari's voice, but then she smiled down at the little girl. "I asked him to go run some errands for me. He'll be back later." she told her softly, hoping she'd understand easily. She walked into Ari's room and placed her down gently on the bed.

    "Change? How is that?" Jake asked Anita curiously, forehead furrowing.
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